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Renoho precision parts products
  • Do a good job in the details of each product, because we understand your needs better
  • Selected raw materials strictly control quality
  • Production and processing according to the customer's drawings, samples (old equipment) or requirements
  • Fully customized Fully customized
    Available with drawings, samples or customized sizes and models as a whole to meet the needs, easy installation, and enhance market competitiveness
  • Processing Equipment Processing Equipment
    The company has high-precision CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, ordinary wire cutting, lathes, milling, grinding, and large milling machines for professional processing of large machine table sheets.
  • quality assurance Quality assurance
    Senior full-time QC conducts rigorous inspections and tests. Products can only be put into storage and leave the factory after they are qualified.
  • Safety protection Safety protection
    In terms of packaging and transportation, it also pays great attention to product protection, packaging waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-collision paper packaging
  • Focus on the advantages of renoho Let you choose with confidence
  • Rely on strong technology and production strength to undertake all kinds of precision parts processing
    • Powerful

    • Quality Assurance

    • custom made

    • Perfect after-sales

      01Advanced equipmentThe company has a high-precision CNC machining center

      CNC lathe, ordinary wire cutting, lathe, milling, grinding and professional processing of large machine table sheet large milling machine, as well as precision projector, height meter, precision block gauge, measuring tools and other measuring equipment


      Advanced equipment

      02Quality AssuranceStrict quality inspection management system, precision testing equipment

      The raw materials are all made of good raw materials, with stable performance and long service life, reducing the defective rate of parts and components. There are many types of products and complete specifications. The products have strict inspection systems from production to delivery.


      Quality Assurance

      03On-demand customizationProcessing according to samples or drawings

      Process according to samples or drawings to meet customer design requirements. As long as customers provide samples or drawings, they can be processed and produced according to customer requirements, and products can be designed according to customer requirements. The product quality is good and the error rate is low.


      On-demand customization

      04Perfect after-salesOne-stop after-sales service, worry-free multi-faceted cooperation

      Establish after-sales service standard system, respond within 30 minutes, provide solutions within 2 hours, and resolve within 1 day;

      Improve the service system, 7*24 hours online customer service, to answer your questions at any time;


      Perfect after-sales
    Into renoho precision parts
  • A processing manufacturer that has focused on the precision parts processing industry for several years
  • renoho precision parts
    Dongguan renoho Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

    It is a manufacturer of precision machined parts production and precision machined parts for the electronics industry. The company mainly provides precision machined parts for internationally renowned manufacturers of communication equipment and industrial-grade pneumatic tools. We uphold the scientific and technological spirit of Rui Nuohong Precision Machinery of honesty, pragmatism, high quality and innovation.

    Main products: 1. Precision machining parts for communication products and diving equipment; 2. Precision machining parts for industrial-grade pneumatic tools...

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